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Feature in AIT Magazine

Not so long ago, AIT dropped by the Office Club and it turned into this lovely article – featuring the concept & creation of Brönnums Hus Office Club and the history of the amazing building Brønnums Hus. #Notjustanoffice #officeclub #broennumshusofficeclub #egecarpet



AIT Online

And then…this happened, H.C.Andersen became a lifelong member of the Office Club

Today we enlisted a new member; H.C.Andersen, by Andy Warhol. We know H.C.A visited the building, and this room, frequently. We made sure he is never without the view of one of his favourite institutions; The Royal Danish Theatre & the company of our Office Club Members at all times.



Article in BoBedre about Brönnums Hus Office Club

Bo Bedre is the oldest and most prestigious interior magazine in Denmark. To be featured in the magazine as an “office” building is an honour. We are especially proud to be in the editors remarks as one of the biggest trends right now, bringing home into workspaces. The article is a full 11 pages and in the October issue. We are humbled by the kind words and the stunning photos by Kira Brandt.

More about BoBedre here:





The team behind BRØNNUM declare the bar OPEN

We have been waiting for this moment, the amazing team behind BRØNNUM, the bar below the Office Club, are experts an cocktail connoisseurs. They own and run the world known RUBY and LIDKOEB and now BRØNNUM We will see you in a bit guys – off to get you a housewarming present first.



Work hard & Drink Champagne

The annual summer-party was a blast, every turn – meant a new experience, we got to visit BRØNNUM, before they open next week, got a sneak peak of the amazing bar and a tast of their insanely good coctails. Our co-founder showed up with this vehicle – serving Spritz to everybody. We danced tango on the courtyard of Charlottenborg and had a barbecue in the deep centre of Copenhagen until the sun came up. Our members work hard and knows how to let loose. Cant wait for the x-mas party.


The LibraryBAR inside The Office Club

We love the dark and old school colours and feel of our top part of the Office Club Bistro, our LibraryBAR. Here we meet for informal meetings, to network and once in a while to have a sip of champagne or an aged rum. In The Office Club we have 4 floors but we all use the same open spaces, because we thrive when networking, connecting and sharing a latte or a drink after a hard days work.


the Office Club – a while back we put up a sign…

Come Join the Office Club, the huge sign went up last year, the doors opened November 15´ – and today Brönnums Hus is almost full. We do have 1 big office and a few desks and flex spaces available. The amazing preserved house is finally done and we managed to preserve and cultivate the atmosphere “that you feel at home while at work”broennumshus4